No Adulteration
No Antibiotics

10 Reasons to choose Lacto Queen over any other milk.

Pure Clean Hygienic Wholesome
Lacto Queen Milk Regular Milk
100% Pure Cow’s Milk.
Milk from different animals like Buffalo, Goat, Sheep gets mixed with Cow’s Milk.
Milk sourced from Cows which are bred and raised hygienically.
Collected from several sources, the regular milk may have unclean farm conditions or no proper management.
High quality milk from healthy cows with low Somatic Cell Count (SCC).
Cows not regularly screened for mastitis and usually with high SCC, hence the milk is poor in quality.
Nutrient-rich, pure cow’s milk is generally thin in consistency.
So, it gets digested easily.
Cream from the milk is removed to produce other milk products at processing centers. Moreover, powder is added for thickness.
Zero Adulteration.
Cows not regularly screened for mastitis and usually with high SCC, hence the milk is poor in quality.
Milk is 100% hygienically obtained in closed containers and it’s completely untouched until it’s consumed.
Regular Milk is often kept in open containers and gets exposed to insects, hair & dung particles due to unhygienic milking practices.
Cows are provided with balanced diet, quality fodder along with clean drinking water to produce high quality milk.
Cows at other farms are often fed with left-over food. Besides, they are left to graze on garbage and drink unclean water, which impacts negatively on Quality of Milk.
At Lacto Queen farm, Cows under any medication or undergoing treatment are kept separately to supply 100% Antibiotic Free Milk.
Due to lack of supervision and control, Milk from healthy cows get mixed with those from cows having diseases and under medication.
To avoid Microbial Activity, milk is chilled instantly after milking and stored under a temperature of -40°C.
Milk is collected from different sources and taken to chilling centers after many hours of milking. So, chance of any Microbial Activity is high.
Lacto Queen Milk is delivered Fresh from the Farm to your Doorstep within few hours of milking.
Regular Milk, often, takes up to 2-3 days to reach its end-user, so the milk is not fresh.