Our Farm

Spread over on a 5acres of land amidst lush greenery, our farm has word class infrastructure to ensure our cows are healthy and stress free. Only Healthy and happy cows can produce healthy, fresh and wholesome milk.

Dairy Farm

Cow Comforts

We provide loose housing barn structure, which is as per international standards. Cow’s health is our top priority as healthy cows produce healthy milk. We do not stress our cows and ensure that they are healthy and happy.

Cow Diet

A balanced healthy diet is provided to our cows with the help of Ration Mixer, which is specially imported from Italy. Water turfs are available in the cow resting clusters and availability of clean drinking water 24*7 is ensured.

Hygiene Standards

Milk supplied to our customers is absolutely untouched. Highly advanced milking parlor is specially imported from Germany to provide best technology in Milking.

Cow Health

We follow preventive protocols rather than treatment mechanisms. Our cows regularly undergo health checks with periodic vaccines and deworming schedules. We perform California Mastitis Test (CMT) every 3rd day to prevent Mastitis in our herd. If any cow is found sick, that cow and it’s Milk will be isolated and treated in a separate area.

Lacto Queen Milk Supply

Our Milk is delivered fresh and it is rich with nutrition and taste. The reason is our efficient cold supply chain which essentially reduces the Microbial load as Microbes consume Nutrients in the Milk and makes it sour and acidic. Milk extracted from our cows are directly transferred to Bulk Milk Coolers where Milk remains under 4 degree which is further packed and transported in our refer vehicle to our customers.