About Us

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Our Mission

OUR MISSION” is to supply unadulterated, pure, fresh and antibiotics- free Milk, directly from our own farm produced from our healthy cows to our customers within few hours of Milking. To continue to maintain our dairy farm with world recognised best practices that matches international standards.


Our Vision

“OUR VISION” is to always be reliable, safe, friendly, innovative and young company which provides complete peace of mind to its customers whenever they think about Milk and other dairy products. We would like to make our customers feel Healthy and Happy.

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Fresh, Unadulterated and Pure Milk produced by our Healthy Cows

Our Thoughts

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Mohan Prasad

We believe in delivering value to our customers by providing Unadulterated, Fresh and Hygienic Milk directly from our farm to our Customer’s doorstep within few hours of Milking. We follow world-best practices in Dairy Management and have best infrastructure which provides stress-free and relaxed environment to our cows. We have complete control on all the processes as we follow best standard operating procedures in Cow health, feeding, milking and packing to ensure our customers can enjoy quality Milk as Mother Nature intends us to have.

Mohan Prasad Founder

Milk is known as an Ideal Food as it is very Nutritious. It is one of the best sources of protein, fat, carbohydrate, Vitamin and Minerals. Unfortunately, Milk is being easily adulterated by greedy traders, middlemen and by even farmers. The best way to ensure that we consume safe and healthy Milk is by knowing exactly from where and how the Milk that you drink comes from. We invite our customers to our farm so that they will have firsthand information about the quality standards that we maintain at all levels. Our customers are happy and confident about the Milk that they consume. We work hard to ensure that our customers can enjoy unadulterated, fresh and hygienic Milk.